Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Erotic Short Finished!

I polished that baby up, sent it to a beta, she read and got it back to me, and now I'm working on the synopsis and cover before I submit it. At 18K, it's really only suitable for e-publishers, but that's fine.

The synopsis is basically evil. Trying to know exactly what information a publisher will think is important without providing too much detail is a challenge. Keeping it to two pages is even more challenging. Every author will think that their story is the most important thing to mankind, so being forced to chop it down into two pages or less is cruel. haha

No, but really, when you know that the synopsis is what your story being read hangs on, it's very nerve-wracking. You could have a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and nobody would know if you have a bad synopsis. That's a lot of pressure, for sure!

Moving on... On November 9th, my first Excerpt Monday post will be up. Excerpt Monday (or EM as we like to call it) was started by two writers. It's a blog space where anyone who wants to can send in the link to their blog and post an excerpt of their work. Works in progress (WIPs), stuff that's finished, submitted material, already published work, whatever you want. The links are all put on one page, and the different authors can see the work being written, comment on each other's stuff, etc. It's great for networking, getting to know other authors (even if just online) and possibly even having someone in the industry see your work. I don't know of any stories like that coming from EM yet, but that doesn't mean it won't happen!

So, I might post a small excerpt of my finished short manuscript.

By the way, it's titled Amateur Night. Wondering why? Good...tune in on the 9th for more! :)

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  1. There's a reason they call it a sucknopsis! I suppose I will have to come back on the 9th for EM. Congrats on finishing, there isn't a feeling comparable to typing The End!